Another Wonderful Day with a lovely group of Internet friends... and our 14th Kambrachallenge Revelations.

Trying to get a photo of  us all behaving ourselves is difficult though :-)

Brenda - Something you always wanted to make.

By the time Show and Tell came around this was all that was left of Brenda's wonderful 'Fairy Cakes'.
Thankfully she took a photo before we arrived!

Erica - 2012 Something you always wanted to make.

Erica crocheted this lovely soft warm rug.

Ruth - 2012 Something you always wanted to make.

When visiting Kathryn Sheehan's apartment in the City one time, Ruth took photos of the buildings and skyline from the window... her quilt depicts the view.  Wonderful stuff eh!

Michelle - 2012 Something you always wanted make.

A beautiful crocheted rug... Wow!

Lyn - 2012 Something you always wanted to make.

Lyn made this lovely quilt for a young child.

Nola - 2012 Something you always wanted to make.

 Nola wanted to perfect this bag pattern, not only does it have pockets for all sorts of things including a mobile phone it also has a plastic for her wet umbrella.  Brilliant!  Not only that Nola dyed the fabrics.

Loz - 2012 Something you always wanted to make.

Loz made a large Hexagon Christmas Quilt.

Pennie - 2012 Something you have always wanted to make.

I've always wanted to make a Penny Rug... so I did... I made a 'Pennie Rug' and I just love it!

Stephanie - 2012 - Something you have always wanted to make.

Stephanie spent most of today arriving back from her European trip so couldn't make it today but she sent me this photo of what's to come... Wow!

Our wonderful waiters and bottle washers.

Laurie and Peter did a wonderful job... thanks!

Loz bought along her ... beautiful Farmers Wife quilt!

Erica bought along her 2010 Pink Challenge Quilt for us to see in the flesh, we'd only seen a photo previously.


All has been revealed... the Kambrachallenge 2011.

Front  L to R:- Brenda, Loz, Maggie, Lyn, Pennie and Stephanie.
Back L to R:- Ruth, Michelle and Lisa.

Not only did Peter take the above photo he cooked us the most yummy lunch as well!  Thank you so much Peter and Lisa for hospitality and the use of your home for the day!

This years Kambrachallenge was:- Kaffe Fasset - Asian Circles - using some of this fabric and as many other fabrics as we like.

Pennie - 2011 Asian Circles. I made this Bonnie K. Hunter Mystery Quilt called 'Orange Crush' but I think it looks more like a 'Lime Crush'. I bought a little more of the Asian Circle fabric but all the other fabrics are from my stash.

Robyn - 2011 Asian Circles.

Ruth - 2011 Asian Circles. Ruth had a few more strips to go on this quilt, stay tuned for when it's all finished.

Ruth - I find it very funny when with my SCQuilter friends, iPhones reign supreme. I love it and I learn so much :-) Ruth was using her iPhone to show us the colour inspiration for her quilt, click to see the  paint colours from Kevin McCloud

Stephanie - 2011 Asian Circles.

Wendy - 2011 Asian Circles. Wendy couldn't make it today so sent this photo of her Asian Circles in progress... Photo when finished please Wendy.

Brenda - 2011 Asian Circles. Brenda is in the process of moving and her fabric was packed away but she did find enough to make this Babushka to donate to the Pre-School Loz works at.

Donna - 2011 Asian Circles. Also couldn't make it but made this little bag for Brenda.

Loz- 2011 Asian Circles. A neat little carry bag.

Lyn - 2011 Asian Circles.

Lyn's name came out of the hat ( 'bus tin' ) last year so she got to choose our Kambrachallenge for 2012 which is:-
 Make  'THE Something' you have always wanted to make, something you have been inspired by in a magazine or book or photo and  bring along the  inspiration with your ‘Something’.

Maggie - 2011 Asian Circles.

 Maggie's version of the Edmond Capon socks... I like Maggie's better than Edmonds!  :-)

Michelle - 2011 Asian Circles. Starting her Kambrachallenge at 7pm last night, Michelle crochet-ed this bowl full of sweeties!

Lisa didn't do the Kambrachallenge this year she was too busy finishing off this wonderful Exhibition for Huston later in the year... Wow! we just loved what she's made.


The Revelations of the Kambrachallenge 2011 are coming soon... here is the fabric we are using chosen by Brenda!

Kaffe Fasset - Asian Circles - using some of this fabric and as many other fabrics as we like.


Revealing our 'Pinks' Kambrachallenge.

 Twelve of us made it to Albion Park Rail to reveal our Kambrachallenge.
Back Row:  Robyn, Brenda, Betty, Nic, Michelle, Ruth, Wendy.
Seated: Stephanie, Loz, Lisa, Pennie and Donna.

Nola - 2010 Pinks - Nola couldn't make it today so she gave her Pink Challenge to me to show... for some reason the challenge was wrapped in several plastic bags with notes attached... did she think I would peek or something?

 Okay... so one of my knicknames is 'Pennie the Peeker', just because, many-many-many years ago, I peeked at a birthday present a little early doesn't mean I spend my life peeking now does it!!

 Side one...
 Side Two.
This photo is to prove to Nola that I did take the challenge to the Revelations... un-peeked at!

Pennie - 2010 Pinks - There are two very special little girls who will receive these bags for Christmas... I wonder what they will be filled with :-)

Robyn - 2010 Pinks - I want to see Robyn wearing this Apron every time I visit... do you think she will? Clever bag decorations as well.

Oh! What a beautiful looking group... I wonder where they came from.

Ruth - 2010 Pinks - Some lucky person is to receive this lovely big cushion

Stephanie - 2010 Pinks - Steph hosted our Pink Revelations today, along with Maureen, thanks it was a terrific day.

The little lady who will receive this quilt popped in to visit us today.  How lucky is she  :-)